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Roll on

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Roll on

  1. Laura L Conner

    This Roll On is a miracle in a container! It works quickly to loosen stiff necks and ease the every day pains of this (getting) old lady. I really don’t know what I’d do without it.

  2. Linda Cheslow

    Found that this product worked really well on my arthritis. Also on my lower back problems too.

  3. Lanell Sena

    I use on my upper back and it really helps. If I have pains in my knees or toes, or any place else, it works.

  4. Barry Cheslow

    2000mg CBD has helped my knees and back. I use it before bike riding and playing golf.

  5. Michelle

    I have used the 2000 mg Roll On for the past six months for knee pain. It helps me get through my day! Great customer service, too!

  6. Star

    This roll on works miracles. Whenever I work out really hard, my hip aches.
    I used the roll on and literally 10 seconds later PAIN WAS GONE!

    Kristi is the best.

  7. Christy

    The roll-on has been a life saver! I’ve suffered with restless leg syndrome for 6 years and medication barely helped. I’ve been using the roll on for a month now and it worked instantly! So happy to finally get some sleep with no pain!

  8. Nancy (verified owner)

    An absolute must if you have chronic pain. I have arthritis and bone spurs in both knees. I started out with the travel size and now purchased the 5000 MG. If you have pain any pain at all invest in yourself.

  9. jim brouillette

    Best Thing I’ve Found yet!

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Recommended for

Athletes, Couch Potatoes, young professionals, slow boomers, and everyone in between.  We have carefully curated the perfect blend of CBD and essential oils to provide maximum results.  Whether you're competing for the gold medal, chasing your kids, or just need some goodness at the end of a long day, we're sure you'll be happy with RollOn ReLeaf!


Coconut Oil (MCT), Arnica Hemp Seed Oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass, Frankincense Essential Oil Blend, Hemp Extract (Cross Spectrum)

How we use it

We always shake it well before we use it.  Then we roll it directly on our creaky joints and knotted muscles that need releaf.  We let the oil stay on our skin for at least 40 minutes.

Warnings & Legal Stuff

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't like to give any credibility to anything that doesn't bring their friends in the Pharmaceutical industry any money. That same FDA hasn't evaluated our product, or any other CBD product, that we know of, for safety and efficacy.  

Keep this away from Children

Store this at room temperature

Despite all of the people who feel GREAT after using our product. we have to say that it is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If you have any medical condition OR you are pregnant, Common sense says that you should speak to your doctor before using anything that might interfere with your treatment or medications.